Why are crowns or bridges necessary?


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Chipped tooth or a broken large filling can be detrimental to your chewing ability and esthetics. Crowns are recommended to prevent breakage of your teeth either due to a large decay or after a root canal procedure.

Crowns improve your ability to chew the food and improved your overall dental health.

There are a large variety of dental crowns today in the market ranging from a full metal or metal fused to porcelain to full porcelain crown. We recommend that you stop by our office and let the doctor explain you which type of crown suits you the best.

Crown or Bridge procedure usually takes 2 visits- the first visit we shape your teeth and then make an impression of your teeth to send it to the dental laboratory. While you are waiting for your crown/bridge we place the temporary crown or bridge so your teeth are not exposed to the oral environment. It takes about 7-10 business days for the dental lab to fabricate your case. The second visit we cement your crown or bridge with a permanent cement after it passes our quality check.

When you are missing one or more teeth, we can fill in the space with the help of a dental bridge. We prepare 2 adjacent teeth which act as supporting pillars to cross the area where you are missing teeth. It is then cemented onto the prepared abutments permanently.

Bridge is a fixed option as compared to the removable partial dentures. Meaning that the bridge does not have to be removed every night unlike a partial denture.